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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Camp Staff Application



2018 Camp Staff Application

    WorldSong Missions Place
      Cook Springs, Alabama


 * indicates required fields.  This is an application for employment and should be completed to the best of your ability. 
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CAMP EXPERIENCE (Camper or Staff) 
How did you hear about WorldSong?
Did a WorldSong staff member recruit you, and if so, who? 
Position  Camp  Location  Years
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(Four non-relatives who know you well - choose a substitute if your pastor is a relative.)     
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CERTIFICATIONS (Do you currently hold one or more of these certifications?) 
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Please answer the following questions in a paragraph or two:  
Why do you want to work at WorldSong?*
Tell about a time you experienced conflict in a team or work environment.
How did you initially react and would you react differently today?* 
Tell about a time when you had to use determination to solve a problem or reach a goal.
What happened and how did you learn from that experience? * 
Share your "journey" with us. How were you saved and how has your life changed since then?*
Do you have any musical ability (play an instrument, sing, experienced leading worship, choir, etc.)?
Each cabin leader is assigned to a rotation team where they serve during the afternoons. Which team would you be interested to serve in? Please note that expressed interest does not guarantee placement on this team.
Lifeguard TeamAdventure Recreation Team  Culture Camp Team 
Do you have any past experience that would aid you in this position?* 
Please indicate your interest in the following activities. Use a 1 to signify your interest in learning a new activity, 2 to signify that you have experience and would be comfortable assisting with the activity, and 3 to signify extensive experience, training, and/or certification and would be comfortable leading the activity. Please do not mark every activity, just the ones that apply to you. 
Archery Arts and Crafts Canoeing  Dance
Drama Flag Twirling Baton Twirling Hiking
Outdoor Cooking Sports Soccer Volleyball
Basketball Softball High Ropes Piano
Guitar Fitness Fishing Low Ropes
Photography Outdoor Skills Rock Climbing Rappelling
Writing Painting Videography  
What unit are you interested in working with? Please know that expressed interest does not guarantee placement in this unit. 
Unit 3 (8-10 year olds)Unit 2 (10-12 year olds) Unit 1 (12-18 year olds)
How has the Lord been recently impacting your life? What has He taught you in the past year?*
What is your understanding of the Gospel? How would you explain the  Gospel to a camper?*
What is sin and how can we overcome it?*
What is the Great Commission, and how do you see your role at WorldSong fitting this call?*
Why do you want to come back to camp this summer?
What did you gain from your experience last year that made you want to return again?* 
What was your greatest struggle last year and how do you plan to overcome it?*
What improvements or changes would you like to see implemented this summer?*
 What are some things that you DON'T want to see changed this year?*
Camp Staff Applicant's Statement 
I, , certify that the answers given are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I understand that neither this document nor any offer of employment from Alabama WMU constitutes an employment contract unless a specific document to that effect is executed by Alabama WMU and the employee in writing. 
In the event of employment, I understand that false or misleading information given in my application or interview may result in discharge. I understand also, that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of Alabama WMU and her ministry, WorldSong Missions Place. 
I understand the term of my service at WorldSong Missions Place is from May 23 - July 23, 2017. I agree to serve the entire term unless there is an emergency or a circumstance arises out of my control.
Signed:*      Date:* 
          (Please use the name you wish to be called.)
Your application is not complete until you hit the SUBMIT button, once you hit submit a page should pop up thanking you for your application. You should also receive an email from Sandra McKenzie within the next 2-3 days.
If this does not happen, email Sandra at