Alabama WMU
Monday, June 26, 2017

Baptist Nursing Fellowship and Parish Nurse Retreat

 October 21-22, 2016
Shocco Springs
Conference Center

Talladega, AL

Begins Friday at 4:00 pm and
concludes with lunch on Saturday
       Private Room  $125.50
              Double Occupancy  $105.50 per person
     or call 1.800.280.1105

                                                         Leaders & Conferences: 

Dr. Sharon Hinton,
 Rita Morris, RN
She is the national faith community nurse
project manager for the Westberg institute
for Faith Community Nursing, a faith community nurse/health advocate educator, coordinator, mentor and consultant, and the Executive Director of Rural Nurse Resource, Inc.
She is a registered nurse of 37 years and a Parish Nurse. She is a wife, mother, only child and past caregiver of 14 years for her mother.
  • "Discovering God, Discovering Self Through Spiritual Journaling"
  • "Thirty plus Ways to Pray"
  • "Historical Doorways of Health and 
  • "Wholistic Caregiving; Spiritual Journey Home"

Attention: It's time to renew your Alabama BNF Membership for 2017
Annual Dues: $30.00
Discounted Rate: $25
(when you pay at the retreat)
Or you can pay online with the Alabama BNF Membership and Dues Renewal Form  

For more information, please call Hope Stephens at 800-264-1225 ext. 278 or email