Alabama WMU
Monday, March 19, 2018

Christmas Backpacks

Many thanks to those who gave a total of 5,471 backpacks in 2016! 

Mississippi River Ministry works with compassion  
ministry sites and church plants in 8 states along the Mississippi River. 
Alabama Baptists are challenged to provide
at least 6,500 backpacks,
bringing the Gospel to many who have never heard.
2017 Collection Dates: October 30 - November 4

1. Review what is involved in packing and preparing a Christmas backpack and prayerfully consider how many you and/or your group are led to commit to providing. 

2. Click and complete the order form to request materials for the backpacks. You will receive a Christmas story, Bible study postcard and backpack label for each backpack. 
3. For information on how to pack the backpacks, download the flyer, which will be available here in June. 
4. This year we can include food items in our backpacks. Pop-Tarts, breakfast bars (no nuts) and canned items with pop tops are encouraged. Please do not include nut products. 

5. During the collection week, October 30- November 4, take your backpack(s) to one of the convenient collection sites around the state. Click here for exact locations and receiving times.
6. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR DROP OFF:  Boxes for the backpacks will be provided at the collection site this year! Just bring your packed backpacks to the collection site and they will box them up for you! 

Feel free to click on the arrow button at the bottom right of this video to download and use for promotion in your church!