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Friday, May 25, 2018

Free Materials Order Form

Complete the form below to request your free WMU materials. Complete all the information. If the address given is a church address, please ensure the church has a mail receptacle that is currently receiving mail. 
Please allow two weeks for delivery.

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Quantities of all materials are limited. Please only order the materials you need.
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Offering Materials  
Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering
& Week of Prayer for State Missions for 2018
  Pew Envelope
  Prayer Guide/Bulletin Insert
  Age-Level Missions Study Materials & Activities (all age levels are included)
  Remittance Envelope
  DVD (promotional video, "Two Spiritual Giants" namesakes video, downloadable artwork, etc.)    
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for 2018 
  Offering Envelope
  Prayer Guide
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for 2018 
  Offering Envelope
  Prayer Guide

WorldSong Missions Place

  WorldSong Brochure
  Missions Adventure Camp Flyer
  Fall Missions Festival for Adults Information
  Fall Missions Festival for Children Information

General WMU

  Alabama WMU Ministries Brochure
  Alabama Missions & Ministry Resource
                  (order one per age-level leader and leadership team member)
  Alabama Baptist Nursing Fellowship (BNF) Brochure 
  2017-2018 Alabama Baptist Resource Directory
                  (formerly called "Church Planning Guide")


  Student Missions Weekend Flyer (co-ed for grades 7-12) 
  COMPLETE Flyer (youth girls event)
  Renew Flyer (women's event)


  Women's Ministry Resource Pack **
** limit one: permission granted to copy as needed

Other resources are available throughout the Alabama WMU web site.  

If you are having difficulty submitting online, click here for a downloadable free materials order form.