Alabama WMU
Saturday, April 20, 2019

Women on Mission & Adults on Mission

Women on Mission® groups...
  • involve women of all ages in learning about missions

  • pray for missions

  • support missions

  • do missions

Opportunities are provided for community through small groups that can be open to anyone at any time. Participation outside of small groups includes...
  • individual involvement

  • celebration events

  • missions and ministry projects

Adults on MissionSM is the coed missions group for men and women. It is ideal for churches of all sizes and can work alongside Women on Mission. Adults on MissionSM...
  • pray for missions

  • learn about missions

  • support missions

  • do missions by focusing on specific ministry projects and mission trips

To learn more about Women on Mission® and Adults on MissionSM or to start your own small group contact
Pat Ingram 
at 800.264.1225 ext. 292